QuickFlick’s brand was evolving when shifting focus away from an iPhone application to debuting a new website offering movie recommendations. This transition proved to be an ideal time to re-evaluate the brand’s social media strategy. With a focus on better content and meeting the audience’s needs, 2M was able to spike reach and engagement.

Revamped brand meets revamped content.

With a brand new website offering movie recommendations to the masses, it was time to revamp QuickFlick’s social media content marketing. We shifted to posting videos and pictures that provided actual entertainment value to the audience. Then took it a step further by directly responding to user’s request for movie suggestions.

Growing eyes.

Tweet impressions

per month

Twitter profile visits

per month



After spending immense time and effort to building the new website, QuickFlick needed traffic and users. With our value-focused social media plan in place we began seeing a serious spike in website page views. From social media referrals alone page views multiplied 33 times.

Increase in website page views

from social media referrals

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